Dr Bikramjit Singh Gurm

Retired Full-time Employment at 65 years. Creative Self Employed Freelance Artist: Actor, Support Artiste, Commercials and Photographic Plus Model.
1 BBC Eastenders #Giani Bikramjit Singh Khalsa, Current.
2 ITV SuperMarket Sweep S2 #Cashier Bik
3 C4 Ackley Bridge S3 #High School Mathematics Teacher Bimalinder Singh
4 BBC Dr Who S11 E6 #Hindu Sadoo Bhakti
Based in West London. Valid Basic DBS issued 20 March 2021. Car owner. Covid-19 Fully Vaccinated.

Ethnicity - British Asian-Indian

Hair Colour - Grey

Height - 6ft 4ins/193cms

Chest/Bust - 46

Shoesize - UK 12

Dress Size - M&S Suit 48L, W40 36L, Shirt 18. XXl. Hat 23"/58 cms. Weight 108kgs



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I can't say much but I have been invited to self tape for a new television series, I sent off tonight thanks to my agent @TypoAgency this would be a dream come true. πŸ™ I'm happy to be requested for an audition regardless. :)

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