Deborah Aharoni

Accents & Dialects
Native: Belfast, English-Standard
High standard: Bristol, Cockney, Essex, Glasgow, Irish-Southern
Native: English
Other Skills
Interior Design (experienced/qualified), Model-professional, Photographic Model, Psychology, Typing (touch)
Skilled: Corporate Roleplay, Presenting, Role Play, Voice Over
Vehicle Licences
Car Driving Licence

Ethnicity - British/Irish/Middle Eastern/Eastern European

Hair Colour - Brown

Height - 5 ft 8in/177 cm

Chest/Bust - 32'

Shoesize - 4.5

Dress Size - 8-10



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I can't say much but I have been invited to self tape for a new television series, I sent off tonight thanks to my agent @TypoAgency this would be a dream come true. 🙏 I'm happy to be requested for an audition regardless. :)

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